Nicky’s Tiny Cafe (by RAWareness)

We are very excited to have Nicky’s Tiny Café co-locate with The Cellar, an idea that emerged by happenstance, or was it really just the Universe speaking?

In their daily lives, Nicky and her partner, Judy, believe in “living simply so that others may simply live.” This has manifested in various ways over the years (including ten years of living outside in a tent for over 200 days of the year, as they explored ecological and cultural sustainability with students!). Currently, they have chosen to live in a Tiny house (175 sq. ft.) in Ross Ferry, NS, in order to reduce their impact on the planet and to work less so that they can focus more on their personal relationships and their community. Operating a café wasn’t part of their original vision, but they think the Universe has a plan! So, here they are getting ready to launch this new aspect of Nicky’s RAWareness venture.

RAWareness has been in business for several years, offering both in-person and online classes focussed on how to make simple, wholesome plant based recipes at home. We’re told that Nicky’s raw chocolate and fermented nut cheeze are “I can’t believe my taste buds amazing”, so it only makes sense to showcase these in a café focussed on plant based foods!

Their mantra for the Café, as is true for most of their lives, is “Keep It Simple”. They will focus on simple hot and cold drinks (Fairtrade organic Full Steam coffee, along with a variety of organic teas, smoothies, etc.), delicious and nutritious goodies (you’re in for a treat here as Nicky is also a Chocolatier!), and a healthy and really tasty lunch menu featuring a soup, a salad, a sandwich, and a bowl, along with some special items like Smoothie Bowl Saturdays! All of their food and drink will be homemade, minimally processed, and made with love.

They’ll be focussed on take-out, meeting the needs of Newfoundland ferry customers, as well as downtown business people and community members who need to take a nourishing, savory lunch back to their work place/home or who are on the run and need something to go. One of the reasons they’re “tiny” is that they have just a couple of indoor tables, so most often their dishes will be prepared to take away or enjoy on the outdoor patio. The dog (and people!) friendly courtyard seats 25 with a covered area so you can enjoy it rain or shine. A cafe with most of the seating outdoors is just perfect, as it’s their belief that everyone would benefit from more time outside!

Their intention is to source their produce (and other products including bread & kombucha) as locally as possible, especially once the Cape Breton growing season is in full swing. And they’re in the process of sourcing compostable packaging too. 

Now don’t feel you need to be vegan to visit the café! They know, from past experiences, that the food they make attracts people from all walks of life and dietary choices. And, of course, they’ll still offer milk & cream for your cup of coffee!

They’ve been busy finalizing recipes, hiring staff, buying supplies, setting up systems, and folks have already been knocking on the café door inquiring about when they’ll be opening. They’re aiming for mid-June. Stay tuned for a specific date!

Note: The tiny café will also have a small retail area to showcase the work of small local artisans. If you have any interest in our showcasing your work on commission, or ‘renting a shelf’, please get in touch.

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday - Friday - 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday - 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

For questions directed to Nicky, you can reach her at